Properties of Merino wool


Unlike most man-made fibres, after disposal Merino wool will naturally decompose in a matter of years. Most synthetic fibres decompose extremely slowly.


Australian Merino sheep grow a new fleece every year, which makes them a sustainable source of yarn. Farmers who have produced this fine wool from one generation to the next have shown how it is possible to farm the land in Australia while protecting the environment, supporting rural communities and satisfying the needs of customers who are increasingly aware of their environmental responsibility.

Retains its shape

Merino woollen fibres are naturally elastic. In use they stretch as necessary and then return to their original shape. Clothing made from Merino wool is therefore less susceptible to becoming baggy or losing its shape.

Antistatic properties

Clothing made of Merino wool does not accumulate static electricity and does not attract dust and fluff.

Temperature regulation

Merino woollen fibres are naturally curly, which means that clothing made from Merino wool has excellent insulating properties while remaining breathable. Merino wool protects users from extreme temperatures – it is warm in low temperatures and cool in high temperatures.

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